Monday, March 4, 2013

March Already!!!

2013 started off great. I received a promotion at work and became a Supervisor. I was super excited. I've worked in the courts for about 5 years and was beginning to feel like I needed to move on because I wasn't moving up. Everything fell into place, I did an interview that was probably the worst interview on my part EVER. I was so nervous and it showed. Well they must have liked me and my interview because I was the chosen one. Things have been a bit crazy and I'm adjusting to "being in charge," but I love the girl's I work with and I'm really doing my best to make my workplace a better place for them to be in. It hasn't been easy but it is getting easier and I love my job and the changes it has come with.
We went out for a little celebration. My family and friends joined me. The night ended with an awesome dance off between me, Brooke & the bartender. We won! :)

 We bought a new car. I love, love, love it! My little sister was in search for a new car. I'd been wanting to look for a new car. I found the one I wanted and my little sis bought my old car. Perfect trade & my new car is so fun to drive.
In November I went to the doc for a physical check up. She found a huge cyst and scheduled an ultra sound for the following Monday. The cyst was big, about the size of a tennis ball. I went to a new OB doctor to get a second opinion and after looking at my chart, my past history with Endometriosis and all of the other fun things I've been through, this doctor referred me to a cancer doctor. He felt that a cancer doctor could do the procedure better than any normal OB doctor. So off to the cancer doctor I went. He was nice, to the point and scheduled surgery before I could even ask questions.
My surgery was last Wednesday and he removed two cysts. One the size of a baseball and the other the size of a golf ball, took about 7% of each ovary and did some other not so fun things to me. It was an in and out procedure which I am more than grateful for and now I'm recovering at home.
This last year has been a roller coaster to say the least. I've learned so many things about infertility, the human body, life, friendships and other things. I'm blessed to have the friends and family I have. This was a small bump in the road and even though this was the not so fun part of 2013 and kind of a downer, I have high hopes that maybe all of this nonsense with my body will bring a baby in the upcoming year. There is a reason behind every situation & even with the bad, I still have a lot of great things to be happy about in this life.
Happy March!!
Cannot wait for Spring, sunshine & warm temps.  

Concert Time!!!

I love these girl's.
In November we went to see Eric Church. Love Eric Church and since I hadn't been to any concerts it seemed fitting that we end the year with one great show. My husband was still hunting in November {yes he hunts in the snow} so us girl's planned a little girl's night and I think it's safe to say we all had the BEST TIME!!!
Life just doesn't get any better. I am counting down the days until concert season in 2013 begins. Lots of great shows coming to Utah.....

Holiday Catch Up!!!

The Holidays & New Years catch up....
2013 has been full of excitement and it's only March. We started off the New Year with some of our favorite people. The McCune's so kindly invited us over for dinner and games. My best friend Brooke came along and it was the perfect way to spend the night. We all hugged and cheered at midnight and I vowed that 2013 would be a much better year than last year.
In 2012 I learned a lot of hard lessons & went through a lot of different emotions. I dealt with things my way and I can't say it was right or wrong but that's what I did.
I REALLY learned who is important to me & who I can trust. It surprises me that even at the age of 26 I'm still learning hard lessons in life. I guess I thought I would know it all by now but that's obviously not the case. Things change, people doesn't always work out as planned and those things have been difficult for me to stomach.

The holidays were busy. I would like to say I enjoyed them more than I did but I'm just not a fan of Christmas. I try really hard every year to just stop and enjoy life during Christmas but now days the hustle and bustle just gives me a headache. I love, love, LOVE spending time with our families and our Frehner Christmas Eve tradition is something I look forward to every year.
This year my hard working hubby hurt his back a week before Christmas. We had family in town, lots of plans, parties and fun & he ended up on the couch in a lot of pain. It was horrible. I felt so bad for him. So while trying to make him comfortable, get him his meds, entertain company, cook, clean etc....I was exhausted and more than ready for Christmas to come and go.
We had a get together with my family and I'm so glad we were able to do that. We had a great time. We enjoyed the Frehner family party on Christmas Eve and got to visit with Jake's whole family. Jake's twin had our name for Christmas and he completely spoiled us with an iPad. I LOVE it. I use it like crazy and I don't know how I ever lived without it.

*photo overload of the holidays*
I put together a craft night with the girl's. It was a blast. We crafted all night long, ate some yummy soup, chit chatted & enjoyed each others company.

We also went downtown to see the gorgeous lights with some friends. It wasn't as cold as it was the previous year thank goodness. We rode TRAX, walked around, grabbed some hot chocolate and then headed home. A tradition I LOVE!

 My BFF invited me to her company brunch. Dress up was mandatory and I was so excited. They had their brunch at La Caille {spelling?}. One of those fancy places here in Utah. So much fun. The breakfast was amazing, the views were breathtaking and I had so much fun being there with her.
*Most expensive coffee I've ever had. So yummy!
Family party with my crazy clan. Lots of good laughs.
We celebrated this little guy's 8th birthday. Can't believe my nephew is 8 years old. Where does time go??
 My *special* brother enjoying his boys birthday party a little to much.
Love the bike helmet that barely fits his head.
 And finally the Frehner family party. Oh my goodness I just love these girl's so much. They make life so much better.
 My cute Ethan. He makes me laugh.
 Family games are a must when we get together.

Hubby's twin brother Jared. We love when he visits. He's the best.

iPad and treats for our dogs. SCORE!!!
Having some fun with the nephews.
Our Christmas tradition at my Dad's house. Homemade tacos compliments of Grandma. These things are so delicious and a family favorite.

And last but not least....yep this is my handsome guy. Ha Ha I bought him this suit for hunting. I don't understand the purpose because it looks hot and sweaty but I guess it's "so cool." I'm just glad his back healed and he was excited to open his gifts.
Until next year Christmas....I'm ready for SUMMER & SUNSHINE!!!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Playing Catch Up!

So-I have a LOVE/HATE relationship with my iPhone. I love it because I have the universe at my fingertips. I can give anyone any info they need with the touch of a button. I hate it because every update they ask me to do causes my battery to diminish a ton. I barely use my phone during the day while at work and by the time I get home my battery is almost dead.
Another reason I love/hate my iPhone is because it takes such great pictures and therefore I get lazy and don't take as many pictures with my camera.
Not awesome! I love pictures. Dang you iPhone for controlling my life!
So here's a collection of pics from my iPhone.
The past few months I've made quite a few trips to St. George to visit my family. My cute Grandpa LOVES to collect semi trucks. While driving through a small town on my way to visit the fam I found this awesome John Wayne truck. I bought it and Grandpa LOVED it.
He gets super excited & I love to spoil him.
I also took some pics of my cute grandparents for Christmas cards. They don't understand the concept of the Internet but the Christmas cards turned out soooo cute. I wish I had a picture to share. They were both amazed with what I had done and are so excited to send out their cards.

Lots of Frehner family parties which I don't ever get enough of lately.
Love hanging out with these two cuties. In fact I'm taking them both to Disney on Ice next weekend and I cannot wait to see their little faces. We are going to have the best time. They always make my days better that's for sure!

Love college football.
Utes dominated. My hubby owed me from a bet. I was stoked.
 Enough said!

Celebrated Dad's birthday. I made him these cute golf cupcakes. I was pretty excited about them. Thank you Pinterest for the great idea.
My Dad rocks!

Grandma's Sheet Cake=Heaven in my mouth
Family tradition right there ^^^^^Grandma use to make us these cakes when we were young. One time she even made 2 cakes in one day because they are just so amazing that we ate them both. While her and my Grandpa visited for my Dad's birthday she so kindly made us one by request. Everyone loved it. Oh my goodness I could eat that cake everyday and NEVER be sick of it.
My crazy siblings and nephew!

My BFF & I trecked across the states to bring her back to Utah from Texas. It was a long drive and yes two chics pulled that Uhaul like champs. So glad she allowed me to be a part of that journey. Lots of good times and lots of memories!
More family parties....
An AMAZING Pumpkin Roll by request from Jake.
My good friend from work makes these and Jake just dies for them every year at this time. She so kindly made him one
{even though they are a pain to make}
because he gave her some story that it helps make babies??
She laughed and made him one anyway.
It didn't help in the baby department if you were wondering but I do think we both gained 10 pounds from indulging in this everyday.

Last but not least the visit with my Grandma, Aunt & handsome cousin.
This was a good day!!!
*Halloween pics to come*

Updates, Updates, Updates!

I cannot believe it’s November. The holidays will be here before I know it. Time passes to quickly as we get older. I’m not a fan. Sometimes I wish I could freeze certain moments and just live them a little longer.

My hubby as been hunting every weekend and when I say every weekend I do mean EVERY weekend. I actually don’t mind it. I keep myself busy with house chores, laundry, some crafting, shopping and trips to St. George to visit my Mom. He got a NICE buck a couple weekends ago and he was super stoked.

Speaking of St. George, the last time I was there I got to visit with my Aunt & my cousin Trev. I don’t see them often….maybe once every year if I’m lucky so it was nice to have lunch with them, my Mom & my Grandma all at the same time. I love those days when we are all together. After lunch my Mom & I shopped for a bit & then we headed to my Grandma’s to visit some more with my family. My Grandma had the pictures out. She has boxes of pictures and has given me the opportunity of going through some. My Aunt had her turn and us girl’s had so much fun sitting there remembering the good old days. It made me miss those days so much. I see the pictures of Christmas’s and birthdays and I just feel very blessed to have the amazing family that I have. My parents always knew how to make the holidays and our birthday’s special. I miss some of our old traditions and I miss everyone being young and active. I miss our Sunday dinners and Grandma’s roasts. I love the new traditions in our family though. When my parents divorced we were forced to change up some traditions and those new traditions mean just as much….not to mention my in laws have some pretty awesome traditions in their family. Time does pass to quickly though. I sure miss the good old days when I see those old pictures…

Anyway-we did our second round of IUI on the 4th of October. It didn’t work. Yes I was bummed AGAIN but we will try one more time. If the 3rd time is NOT the charm then I don’t know what we will do. I think I will take a break from doctors and wait until next summer when I can switch up my insurance plan and then I will find a specialist doctor who knows more about Endometriosis and maybe have more surgery. In the mean time I will have another ultra sound to see if the mass that has been inside me is still there. If it is then I’ll probably just go ahead with surgery next summer. I’m surprisingly more at peace with everything right now. Maybe content? Is that weird? I think I’ve just been able to let go of those people who make me feel negative and those people who just aren't there for me through this struggle. I have the mind set that whatever is suppose to happen will and this will be a lesson learned in many ways. A hard lesson to learn but I'm learning.

Lots of pics to come!

Saturday, October 20, 2012


My family gets super attached to our animals we've had over the years. This cat was around for 18 years of LiFe. She was so old. My cute Mom had to put her down this past week and our hearts were broken. She was such a sweetheart and I have lots of fond memories with her in our family.
Take the picture above for example-
She always had a fetish with plastic bags. So weird and probably dangerous but anytime you would allow her to lay in a bag she was in heaven.
She was a princess that's for sure and would pick and choose whom she loved and whom she hated. She hated my husband and the feeling was mutual with him :)
We always got a good laugh when he was around because Kara would let him know who's boss.
This cute kitty will be missed. She became part of our family and losing pets just sucks but she's in a better place. 
Love you Kara!